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David Cowan
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Great coaches, great facility, and great students. The coaches pay attention and give quality instruction, and the students are there for each other just as much as they are there for themselves. Everyone goes to learn and have a great time, and it shows. If you are looking for a safe and friendly place to practice Jiu Jitsu, this is the spot.

alan baubonis
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Clean, spacious facility, helpful staff and impeccable quality of instruction. Excellent camaraderie and team spirit among the students. Mark holds himself to a high standard, and gets the best out of everyone there. This academy is a real martial arts gem.

Christina Pavlat
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I started jiujitsu on a whim for the benefit of my children. As a 40+ year old woman I was doing it for the kids thinking I’d stick around long enough for them to feel confident. I kept showing up. Two years later I’m a blue belt and training at least 5 times a week. I’ve gained so much confidence on so many levels (so have my children). Mark is a phenomenal instructor. As an educator myself, I am always impressed with Mark’s depth of knowledge and his instructional delivery. He is very receptive to questions and dialogue during and after active training.
Truthfully, RGA Milford has become a second family to me. I love and trust my teammates. No matter how challenging or potentially damaging the skills are that we’re practicing…I feel safe. It’s such a positive environment. Now that I’ve been around the sport for a little bit I’m not sure I would have been as comfortable or successful training anywhere else.

Kimberly B
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This place is great! There are many class times and the classes I’ve gone to have been appropriately challenging with friendly staff and members who are open to helping others. I was new to BJJ and have had a great experience so far.

Vanessa Aube
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I have so much to say about our gym. My daughter and I both train. RGA is a place where we are supported, feel safe and train hard. Over the past year I have had not one complaint. As a woman it was very comforting to find a large group of women who welcomed me with open arms. I never imagined myself trusting all of my training partners (both men and women) with my safety. People who have grown to be such amazing friends. The facility is clean, rules are enforced, and instructors are top notch. Mark is a wonderful owner who strives to improve RGA everyday. The standard held by RGA is like no other. We pride ourselves on being good people and my daughter is learning to protect herself. It’s the best investment for yourself and with so many varieties of classes you are bound to find one or more to your liking.

2 Division UFC Champion Georges St Pierre
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My Friend Mark just opened a school in Connecticut so if you want to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that's the place to be!

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